Reimagining our Futures Together – A new Social Contract for Education

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Dec 15, 2021 | International Commission on the Futures of Education

Planet Earth and humanity are under threat, with the COVID-19 pandemic proving their interconnectedness and fragility. Urgent action is needed to change course and reimagine the future. In this report, the International Commission on the Futures of Education - informed by a global consultation that engaged around one million people - acknowledges the power of education to effect profound change. To do this, the authors propose a new social contract for education to compensate for injustices while transforming the future. The contract must be grounded in human rights and based on principles of non-discrimination, social justice, respect for life, human dignity, and cultural diversity. It must also encompass an ethic of care, reciprocity, and solidarity and strengthen education as a public endeavour and a common good. Publications/lang=en/akt=detail/qs=6566


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