The Decoupling of Russia: High-tech goods and Components

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Apr 06, 2022 | Bruegel, Monika Grzegorczyk, Scott Marcus Niclas Poitiers et al

Russia is highly reliant on imports of high-tech goods, with imports worth around $19 billion annually. Sanctions on high-tech goods supplies, combined with financial sanctions and other restrictions, will deprive Russia of a future as a modern economy. suggest Monika Grzegorczyk, Scott Marcus Niclas Poitiers et al in this article for Bruegel. The EU is the main provider of biotechnology, electronics, life sciences and flexible manufacturing goods, China was the primary provider of opto-electronics, and the U.S. was the main supplier of aerospace goods to Russia. Most nuclear technology imports in 2019 (68 percent) came from the EU. The authors suggest that policymakers should consider how to preserve Russia’s access to information and medical goods, while restricting technology in general.


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