Human Rights in Flux: New Directions beyond Universalism

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Jun 16, 2022 | Global Challenges, Grégoire Mallard, Dominic Eggel, Marc Galvin

The rise of populism and identity politics, new alliances that strengthen authoritarian governments, and even some of the responses to the current COVID-19 epidemic by democratic states have contributed to render the human rights regime more fragile. In their Global Challenges article, Grégoire Mallard, Dominic Eggel and Marc Galvin discuss how the human rights regimes are likely to evolve after having become ubiquitous through various processes of “democratisation” and “mainstreaming”, codification in national and international human rights instruments, and through the emergence of new human rights. Today’s human rights regime is thus more diverse and pluralistic than ever. It mobilises the logics of “transversality” or “intersectionality”, as it is affected by and affects an increasing range of global issues such as climate change, trade, health, migration, and structural inequalities based on class, race and gender.


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