From ‘The Limits to Growth’ to ‘Regeneration 2030’

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Jun 23, 2022 | Club of Rome, Jeffrey Sachs

The 50-year journey from The Limits of Growth to Regeneration 2030 shows how far the understanding of the critical challenges facing humanity has developed, but also how far humans still must go to meet those challenges suggest Jeffrey Sachs in this article for the Club of Rome. He warns that as the growing world economy is overshooting the Earth’s “planetary boundaries,” it is threatening the Earth’s physical systems and therefore humanity itself. Just as business needs to be more holistic and aligned with the SDGs, economics as an intellectual discipline needs to recognize that the market economy must be embedded in an ethical framework, and that politics must aim for the common good.  This requires scientific disciplines to join forces across the natural sciences, policy sciences, human sciences, and the arts.



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