Turning Point? Putin, XI, and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Jun 27, 2022 | Lowy Institute

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed the limitations of the Sino–Russian partnership, suggests Bobo Lo in this article for the Lowy Institute. He questions whether Xi Jinping will continue to back “best friend” Vladimir Putin in his confrontation with the West, thus signalling the re-emergence of strategic and ideological bipolarity, or whether the war in Ukraine will see a weakening of Sino–Russian comity, as Beijing belatedly recognises the downsides of associating with an international delinquent. He suggests that Beijing and Moscow will identify common interests and share certain aspirations, for example, in resisting liberal internationalism and U.S. global leadership, but that their relationship might begin to resemble, in some respects, that of Beijing and Pyongyang - a partnership of strategic convenience, but one defined principally by its limits rather than possibilities.

https://www.lowyinstitut e.org/publications/turning-point-putin-xi-and-russian-invasion-ukraine


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