Challenge Core States: Impacts of the Unlikely BRICS Coalition

Improving global governance
Posted Jun 29, 2022 | Global Policy Journal, Robert Wade

The longer-run trajectory of the global economy and its political context will be much affected by the extent to which developing countries manage to cooperate to challenge the rule-setting dominance of the North Atlantic states. In this essay for the Global Policy Journal, Robert Wade assesses the impact on global economic governance of the cross-regional BRICS coalition - Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. He finds that the coalition is well placed to formulate new rules - and develop a new ‘mindset’ - because it includes major states from all regions outside of the west. He emphasises the importance of keeping China strongly engaged with the other four to advance common interests - especially in multilateral forums like the IMF and WTO - and blunt the onset of full-blown China-US rivalry in the economic and security realms. - Leading States in the Periphery of the World Economy Challenge Core States, Impacts of the Unlikely BRICS Coalition_0.pdf


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