BRICS – Taking the Long View

Improving global governance
Posted Jul 06, 2022 | Vivekananda International Organisation, Venkatesh Varma

BRICS is not yet in a position to address major international challenges but its ability to handle a plurality of internal opinions will prove to be its strength in the long run, suggests Venkatesh Varma in this article for the Vivekananda International Organisation. At the 14th BRICS Summit hosted by China in June 2022, Russia did not expect, nor was able, to secure BRICS endorsement for its military actions. The proposed BRICS think tank forum could develop long term goals that move beyond instinctive anti-Westernism, or blind camp-followership of the West. The author suggests that the social and civilization ethos of the BRICS countries, even if sometimes competitive, should be reflected in the global discourse, particularly in distinguishing it from forums like the Quad, G7 Partnership, G20, WTO, WHO and others. Although the BRICS agenda has moved slowly, the troubled international situation provides a new opening for the group to prove its relevance.


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