The West: One, Great and Alone

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Jul 15, 2022 | Elcano Royal Institute, Andrés Ortega

NATO, the epitome of the West, has made itself stronger; it is rearming, changing its military strategy, incorporating Finland and Sweden, and with Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea as partners outside the region, is starting to focus on China and the South. Andrés Ortega argues in this blog for the Elcano Royal Institute that in a world that continues to de-westernise, the West is a major military power, also compared with the rest, including China. Although the West has abandoned the hope that its values and models will be universally adopted, and some non-Western democracies in the Global South that distance themselves from the confrontation between the West and its opponents. The author concludes that amid new rivalries, the West seeks to reinvent itself, knowing what it does not want to be, but uncertain how to define itself anew.



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