Stabilizing the European Continent Reflections on the Future of EU Enlargement

Improving global governance
Posted Jul 16, 2022 | Egmont Institute, Jean De-Ruyt

The COVID-19 pandemic and the fight against climate change have reinforced the importance - and the authority - of the European Union. The war in Ukraine has enhanced solidarity among Eastern and Western member states and with other democratic countries around the world. NATO and the G7 have become more united and even the relationship with the UK after Brexit, benefits from this renewed solidarity, suggests Jean De-Ruyt in his Policy Brief for the Egmont Institute. From that perspective, the opening of the EU to all European democratic countries demonstrates a lessening of the importance of the borders which have characterised the continent’s history. But other issues, like whether a wider enlargement implies further integration; majority voting for taxation; foreign policy matters; and a European army; will challenge the values on which the Union was founded.


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