Growth within Limits through Solidarity and Equity

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Aug 18, 2022 | Club of Rome

The threats facing the planet today threaten all humanity. Thus, the sustainability of the planet and its ecosystems can only be achieved within a framework of solidarity and an international system based on equity, reasons Masse Lô in this publication by the Club of Rome. Leadership is an essential condition for a more inclusive and equitable environmental and climate governance regime. In the current climate crisis, it should be possible to fulfil a dual objective: to allow drastic reductions in global emissions of greenhouse gases, and to guarantee the right to the economic and social development of low- and middleincome countries which represent more than 80 percent of the world’s population. Reconciling these objectives will not be achieved without strong leadership at all levels. Decision makers (international, regional and local) need to be engaged and aware of the risks that the entire planet faces from climate change.


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