Understanding Barriers and Resistance to Training in the European Union

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Posted Jan 26, 2023 | Bruegel

Low uptake of training by less well--educated people and lack of understanding of the main barriers they face, jeopardize the success of reskilling and upskilling efforts for a group of 54 million people, or 23 percent of the EU working age population. People with less education are also less able and willing to participate in training. Grasping the reasons for this is essential to prevent a widening skills gap, suggest Duygu Güner and Laura Nurski in their article for Bruegel. The unwillingness of workers to engage in training is another important aspect of the challenges facing adult learning. Regardless of the barriers, the main reason why people who would benefit from it, do not participate in training is lack of interest. Policymakers must better understand the psychological and social barriers that workers face in  their willingness and ability to undertake training, in order to make reskilling programmes a success.



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