Girls’ Education Hotspots: A Look at the Data in Three Maps

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Posted Sep 27, 2014 | Brookings Institution

Since 1990, when only half the girls living in low-income countries were in school, the number of girls in primary school increased two and a half times by 2012 - from 23.6 million to nearly 63 million - and today 80 percent of girls in low-income countries are enrolled. In most countries, girls and boys are enrolling in secondary school in equal numbers. There are places, however, where girls are still lagging far behind boys. 

This paper by the Brookings Institution displays three maps, showing:

  • Gender Parity in Secondary School Enrollment - 2012;
  • Countries with Attacks on Girls Education since 2009; and
  • Hotspots for Child Marriage, with Gender Parity in Secondary School Enrollment.


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