Commitment to action is more easily sustained, and more likely to be successful, if it is expressed in a community of like-minded people. The FutureWorld Foundation facilitates the emergence of active communities of global citizens who feel passionately about one or more pillars of the Global Agenda, and seek unstructured opportunities to interact, learn from one another, and engage to make a difference.

Global Changemakers

Global ChangemakersGlobal Changemakers was founded in 2007 when six young activists. brought together by the British Council. were invited to lend the ‘voice of youth’ to the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. Since then. the network has grown to a community of over 730 Changemakers in 121 countries world-wide. The mission of the programme is to empower youth to catalyse positive social change. It has expanded since its inception. and is now built on three pillars: Learning. Doing and Advocacy.

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