The Global Agora

The Agora will be a virtual town hall and community library for inhabitants of the global village. It will make use of information technology to enable people to keep abreast of the process and substance of globalisation, provide insights into global governance, and facilitate democratic participation in transnational policy-making.
The Global Agora will make available, through one portal, a comprehensive array of information on key global issues, helping to improve transparency around these matters for citizens, experts and policy-makers. It will be a unique gathering point for world opinion, and will open debates to broader participation, provide feedback to governments and international organisations and simplify access to analysis of key issues.



The portal will provide direct links into the open document rooms of international organisations and national ministries with responsibility for global issues, thus aiding navigation to sites that are currently fragmented and difficult to locate. Building on the request from the G20 to create a community of think-tanks, the site will also link leading think-tanks, research institutes, relevant non-governmental organisations, advocacy groups and specific-issue sites.


Public notice and comment area

Users will be able to comment on draft proposals promulgated by international organisations, and other matters affecting the global commons. Appropriate formal and informal channels will be developed to funnel discussion and commentary into the international policy-making process.


A library will contain current periodicals and scholarly articles, business-, labour- and civil society position papers, and other analyses of a wide range of key global issues.


Interactive spaces

Experts, policy-makers and policy-influencers will be able to discuss key issues in the Members Area, and citizens will be able to interact with one another in chat rooms devoted to areas of the Global Agenda.

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