Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases: Center for Systems Science and Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

In this article by McKinsey&Company, Susan LundAnu Madgavkar et al define the activities and occupations that can be done from home and discuss the staying power of remote work. They analyse the potential for... Read More

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Posted on Nov 20, 2020 | in category: Delivering sustainable economic growth | by Institute for Degence Studies and Analysis, New Delhi, Munish Shama

5G is heralded as a game-changer in mobile telecommunications as it enhances next-generation technologies like autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things and...  Read More

Posted on Nov 27, 2020 | in category: Addressing vulnerability and promoting security | by GLOBE-Net, Ken White

The increasingly warmer climate will increase maritime traffic in the Arctic as the melting ice results in more navigable waters. Shorter northern sea routes require less fuel, and thus deliver...  Read More

Posted on Nov 27, 2020 | in category: Improving global governance | by Global Policy, Andreas Kruck, Bernhard Zangi

Power shifts often create an impetus for institutional adjustment, but do not automatically lead to institutional adaptation. As China and India rise, and the US or the UK decline, international...  Read More

Posted on Nov 22, 2020 | in category: Reducing poverty and improving equity | by UNCTAD, Paul Akiwumi

Although the Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA) signed in...  Read More

Posted on Nov 27, 2020 | in category: Sharing core norms and values | by Pew Research Center

Many Americans are sceptical that the present racial controversies will lead to major changes. According to a this Pew Research Center survey, the public is about evenly split on whether the...  Read More

Posted on Nov 22, 2020 | in category: Addressing vulnerability and promoting security | by  RealClearDefense, Michael Miklaucic

Economic, racial, and other educational inequalities have cast doubt on the inherent benefits of the liberal global order. In his article for RealClearDefense, Read More

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