Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases: Center for Systems Science and Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Green finance has been a burgeoning sector since the Paris Agreement and is key to addressing financial, socio-economic and environmental challenges. In her article for the Policy Center for the New South, Pauline Deschryver discusses the hybrid character of green finance, in using financial instruments for environmental purposes, and... Read More

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Posted on Sep 15, 2020 | in category: Addressing vulnerability and promoting security | by Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, Madeleine Albright

This statement, led by Madeleine Albright and coordinated by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, calls upon national, regional and international actors to pursue a peaceful,...  Read More

Posted on Sep 05, 2020 | in category: Reducing poverty and improving equity | by  Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation, Mike Fishman, Dan Bloom, Sam Elkin

Many questions about effective employment and training programmes for low-income populations have yet to be answered. The changing labour market raises new questions about what strategies will be...  Read More

Posted on Sep 11, 2020 | in category: Improving global governance | by  Chatham House, Alice Billon-Galland, Richard Whitman

The UK’s cooperation with France and Germany as part of the ‘E3’ has been largely low-key, marked by close relationships and contacts between officials rather than high-profile...  Read More

Posted on Sep 07, 2020 | in category: Delivering sustainable economic growth | by IMF, Finance & Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and widened earlier economic and social divisions and created new ones. It has accentuated disparities among workers, highlighting the disadvantages of the...  Read More

Posted on Sep 11, 2020 | in category: Sharing core norms and values | by  World Economic Forum, Charles Chen Yidan

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted school operations and the learning experience, leaving many schools unable to reopen as remote technology is inaccessible. The education systems in...  Read More

Posted on Sep 11, 2020 | in category: Addressing vulnerability and promoting security | by Global Challenges Foundation

Global catastrophic risks are a category of disaster that poses an existential threat to humanity. Some, whether manmade or natural, are obvious, like nuclear war, while others may seem remote,...  Read More

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