The FutureWorld Foundation will focus on the five priority areas that can be said to constitute a Global Agenda:
  • Delivering [environmentally and socially] sustainable economic growth - for without this, we shall not be able to achieve anything else.

  • Reducing poverty and improving equity - because exceptional prosperity for the few at the expense of the many is neither justifiable nor sustainable.

  • Addressing the sources of vulnerability and promoting global, regional, national and human security - for security underpins both community and progress .

  • Sharing the norms and values that enable global coexistence, while respecting cultural differences - because respect for core values and universal norms allows us to live in harmony, while appreciation of cultural diversity enriches our understanding.

  • Improving the quality of global governance and our global institutions - for most of the important challenges we face in a highly-connected world can only be resolved in this way.

Posted on Jan 26, 2023 | in category: Delivering sustainable economic growth | by UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Population ageing has become a defining global trend as people are living longer, and more are older than ever before. Spectacular improvements in health and survival, and reductions in fertility...  Read More

Posted on Jan 26, 2023 | in category: Sharing core norms and values | by Bruegel

Low uptake of training by less well--educated people and lack of understanding of the main barriers they face, jeopardize the success of reskilling and upskilling efforts for a...  Read More

Posted on Jan 24, 2023 | in category: Improving global governance | by Credit Suisse Research Institute

The past three years have seen abrupt changes in the global economy, economic policy responses and geopolitical configuration. In this article for the Credit Suisse Research Institute, Zoltan...  Read More

Posted on Jan 26, 2023 | in category: Addressing vulnerability and promoting security | by Open Mind BBVA

According to the US Space Surveillance Network there are more than 28,000 objects larger than five...  Read More

Posted on Jan 26, 2023 | in category: Improving global governance | by ODI Insights paper

In December 2022, the World Bank published a Roadmap intended to...  Read More

Posted on Jan 26, 2023 | in category: Addressing vulnerability and promoting security | by Chatham House

Governments and companies are already deploying AI to assist in making decisions that have major consequences for the lives of citizens and societies. AI offers far-reaching benefits for human...  Read More

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