Mobile Connectivity in Emerging Economies

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Mar 12, 2019 | Pew Research Center, Laura Silver, Aaron Smith, Courtney Johnson et al

In this research paper, the Pew Research Center explores the impact of online connectivity in emerging economies. The survey was conducted among 28 122 adults in 11 countries, and finds that the the prospect of swift, encompassing cultural change propelled by digital devices, might be even more dramatic there than the effects in developed societies. Laura Silver, Aaron Smith, Courtney Johnson et al note that social media platforms and messaging apps - notably, Facebook and WhatsApp - are widely used in these countries:  A median of 64 percent use at least one of seven social media sites or messaging apps. The Center also conducted focus groups with diverse groups in Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines and Tunisia, and their comments are included in the report.


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