To End Global Poverty, Invest in Peace

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted Mar 22, 2020 | Brookings Institution, Franck Bousquet

The World Bank estimates that by 2030 up to two-thirds of the extreme poor - 10 percent of the global population - will be living in countries scarred by conflict and fragility. Franck Bousquet suggests in this article for the Brookings Institution that the rise in conflicts in the past decade has led to a record 25.9 million refugees. About 85 percent of them are hosted by developing countries, often for years and even decades. Countries that have been chronically fragile and in conflict over the past two decades have had poverty rates of over 40 percent, while those that escaped fragility on this same period have cut their poverty rates by more than half. This shows how important it is to address the spillovers from conflict, also by helping refugees and the host communities.


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