Factsheet - The Quantity and Quality of Women’s Work

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted Apr 08, 2020 | UNU-WIDER

Most developing countries record a rising trend in vulnerable employment for both men and women, comprising 76.4 per cent of total employment in low-income countries and 46.2 per cent in middle-income countries in 2018. Behind these average values, there are important differences in the gender composition of vulnerable employment. This factsheet by UNU-WIDER considers trends in the quantity and quality of women’s work in countries in the Middle-East and North-Africa, sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and South Asia, showing that these often follow very different patterns to those of men. Increases in women’s labour force participation, leads to women being increasingly represented in vulnerable employment. The factors which determine the quantity of women’s work are thus not necessarily the same factors which determine the quality of the jobs available to them. 



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