The Post-Pandemic University- Covid-19 Will Reshape How we Think about Higher Education and Online Learning.

Sharing core norms and values
Posted May 06, 2020 | Manhattan Institute, Allison Schrager

Universities and colleges face leaner times and must adapt by making better use of technology, streamlining top-heavy administration, and offering more value for cost. The coronavirus pandemic could accelerate this transition, suggests Allison Schrager of the Manhattan Institute. If the current recession is prolonged, demand for education will increase as young people seek to ride out bad labour markets. Universities will have to become more competitive, demonstrate the value of in-person learning, and offer flexible alternatives. They must also shift to a leaner, more productive business model - a hybrid system of online and in-person instruction, to expand consumer choice and preserve the core functions of the university, while streamlining features that have outlived their purpose.


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