Afghan Women Must Participate Fully in Peace Process: Statement by Global Leaders and Foreign Policy Experts

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Sep 15, 2020 | Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, Madeleine Albright

This statement, led by Madeleine Albright and coordinated by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, calls upon national, regional and international actors to pursue a peaceful, stable Afghanistan by ensuring women’s full participation in the peace process. It emphasises that after 40 years of conflict, there may finally be an opportunity for peace, and that the international community has an obligation to assist with ensuring that the peace is durable and that the opportunity to achieve it is not squandered. The signatories – including 26 former presidents and prime ministers, and 34 foreign ministers - confirm that women’s involvement is key to a lasting and sustainable peace by making agreements more likely to be attained and upheld. The signatories argue that women must be party to the negotiations, not an issue to be discussed; women must be involved throughout the process; and the perspective of women and youth must be reflected in the agreement.



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