Time for Climate-sensitive Conflict Transformation - Complex Crises need Complex Responses

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Apr 29, 2021 | Berghof Foundation, Nora Rathje

In Syria and Iraq, conflicts cannot be resolved constructively without a viable political and social framework. Climate stressors contribute to destabilization and violence as governments and other political groups instrumentalize climate change impacts to divert attention from poor decisions, underlying structures of violence, and power dynamics. In this paper for the Berghof Foundation, Nora Rathje discusses how local institutions and traditional conflict management mechanisms like shura councils or councils of elders deal with the pressures of climate change; the entry points they offer for the resolution of resource-related conflicts; and the [in]sufficiency of these mechanisms. She suggests that to implement climate change-sensitive peacebuilding projects, governments should fund means for local research projects to strengthen institutions in conflict-prone countries and invest the knowledge gained in local environments.



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