Is China a Developing Country?

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Jun 04, 2021 | Policy Center of the New South, Uri Dadush

China’s continued self-designation as a developing country is a major source of tension between Beijing and the U.S. and its allies. Uri Dadush argues in this article for the Policy Center of the New South that although China is the world's largest exporter of goods, it is also, by every plausible criterion, a developing country. In 2019 China’s GDP per capita was $16,8043, while the average for the high-income group defined by the World Bank, was three times higher. The author suggests that China's dual status needs to be better reflected in Chinese policies by recognizing its global responsibilities; and in those of the Western powers in recognizing China's limitations. Across three important agendas - macroeconomics, development assistance, and climate - important differences between China and the West remain, none of which appears intractable.


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