Boosting Cultural Readiness for a Pan-African Momentum

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Jul 15, 2021 | Policy Center of the New South, Hanae Bezad

Pan-Africanism stemmed from an idealized version of Africa developed by Africans from the diaspora and built and nurtured by members of an intellectual elite who were educated in the West and were able to translate what they grasped as shared aspirations into demands on the West. This pan-Africanism still fuels institutional political pan-Africanism today. In this article for the Policy Center of the New South, Hanae Bezad discusses how young Africans can make their aspiration to pan-Africanity a reality. From an overview of contemporary pan-Africanism, she addresses questions to provide input into the conversation on the renewal of pan-Africanism and the possibility of strengthening cultural acceptance of pan-African advancement.. Hanae Bezad.pdf



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