Can We Reduce Urban Poverty and Inequality and Achieve Net Zero Cities?

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted Oct 10, 2021 | International Institute for Environment and Development, Anna Walnycki, Tucker Landesman

One in seven people around the world live in informal settlements, most without decent housing, sanitation, water, and other basic services. In this article for the International Institute for Environment and Development, Anna Walnycki and Tucker Landesman explain why efforts to achieve zero carbon cities will only be successful if they also address pervasive urban poverty and inequalities. They suggest that urban development and low-carbon agendas be intertwined to achieve long-term sustainability and avoid exacerbating social, economic and environmental inequalities. Poorer neighbourhoods should be prioritised for green investments, and interventions to upgrade infrastructure and increase services should adopt low-carbon technologies that improve residents’ quality of life for generations to come.


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