Loss and Damage Case Studies from the Frontline: A Resource to Support Practice and Policy

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted Nov 03, 2021 | International Institute for Environment and Development, Ritu Bharadwaj, Clare Shakya

The world’s least-resourced communities and countries are increasingly unable to adapt to, or absorb, worsening climate impacts. Greater international support is overdue, but the realities and costs of loss and damage are poorly understood and information is not systematically shared. In this paper by the International Institute for Environment and Development, Ritu Bharadwaj and Clare Shakya present 12 case studies from locations in the global South which are experiencing loss and damage from slow- and rapid-onset climate events. Authored by local civil society, experts, university researchers and NGOs, each case study provides evidence on the challenges, possible responses and support needed to address climate-related losses.



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