Overcoming a Legacy of Racial Discrimination: Competing Policy Goals in South African Academia

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Posted Nov 03, 2021 | UNU-MERIT, Robin Cowan, Moritz Mülle, Alan Kirman, Helena Barnard

Apartheid excluded black South Africans – most of the population – from fully participating in society, but post-Apartheid efforts to achieve transformation have had limited success. In this UNU-MERIT Working Paper, Robin Cowan, Moritz Mülle, Alan Kirman, and Helena Barnard discuss the university system, a key enabler of transformation,. Despite their dominance in the economy and the university system, white South Africans account for only about 10 percent of the overall population. Policy interventions can be developed for many constituent elements, but it is not certain whether they will be complementary or contradictory. To determine the outcomes of different options, the authors use computer simulations, calibrated with evidence from South Africa since the end of Apartheid. By highlighting the gains and costs of different combinations of policies, their paper supports informed policymaking about a highly complex issue.



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