Navigating Africa’s Humanitarian Challenges

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted Nov 04, 2021 | PSC Report, ICRC President Peter Maurer

Africa presently shoulders close to 85 percent of the global population of refugees and internally-displaced people, and that number is rising continuously. Furthermore, the 48 000 cases of missing persons in Africa documented by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are only a fraction of the true number. In this interview with the PSC Report, ICRC President Peter Maurer discusses the responses of his organisation to the pressure exacted on African communities by armed conflict, climate change and COVID-19. He describes the situation in the Sahel, the Horn, and Africa’s central and southern regions, as extremely challenging. The ICRC is confronted with the growing fragmentation of armed actors on battlefields; the easy availability of weapons and their use contrary to international humanitarian law; and the negative impact of national, regional, and global power-dynamics in most protracted conflicts. Of particular concern are the longevity of conflicts and their negative impact on individuals and social systems. Africa’s humanitarian challenges&qpvt=Navigating Africa’s humanitarian challenges&FORM=EWRE


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