After Putin - Russia is increasingly becoming the Saudi Arabia of the North.

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Apr 09, 2022 | Foreign Policy in Focus, John Feffer

President Putin’s surge in popularity to over 80 percent in April 2022 makes it unlikely that economic sanctions will lead to regime change in the Kremlin, suggests John Feffer in Foreign Policy in Focus. Russia is well on its way to becoming an isolated, male-dominated, hyper-conservative, autocratic society that resembles the illiberal Middle Eastern kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mr Putin  promises a measure of economic security in exchange for political dependency, and offers, like the Saudi monarchs, to protect citizens from the disruptive influences of the modern world, like homosexuality and freedom of speech. A change at the top, with a member of the siloviki substituting for Putin, might reach some accommodation with the international community, but he would not fundamentally alter the current Russian order.


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