A Bank for the World: Better Terms and Conditions for Global Public Goods

Improving global governance
Posted Jun 23, 2022 | Center for Global Development, Ranil Dissanayake, Amanda Glassman, Clemence Landers, Eleni Smitham

Despite its global coverage, the World Bank has never been oriented towards global challenges as its mission has been defined primarily by addressing individual developing country problems and priorities, Ranil Dissanayake, Amanda Glassman, Clemence Landers, and Eleni Smitham suggest in their article for the Center for Global Development. They argue that as a truly global institutions, the World Bank is uniquely positioned to be the world’s premier source funding for global public goods (GPGs) given its presence across countries and in the GPG-related sectors of climate, health, conservation, and knowledge /R&D; its experience in handling funds; its global governance structure and finance; the foreign and Development Ministry leadership on its Board; and its substantial analytical capacity. The challenge is how best to evolve the present institution into a one attuned to a changing global financial and economic environment.



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