Climate Refugees: A Major Challenge of International Community and Africa

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Jun 27, 2022 | Policy Center of the New South, Abdessalam Saad Jaldi, Amal El Ouassif

Socio-economic crises, wars, natural disasters and environmental degradation are the main causes of mass migration. In their article for the Policy Center of the New South, Abdessalam Saad Jaldi and Amal El Ouassif note that no legal text, either global or regional, considers the circumstances of climate refugees. Given the lack of a specific legal regime for climate refugees, global and regional organizations have no mandate to assist these individuals, increasing their vulnerability and further complicating the evolution of international law. The authors stress the need to define a legal status and to create a protection mechanism for people displaced by climate-related disasters. In this regard, the African continent provides an important perspective.


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