Five Key Findings from the 2022 UN Population Prospects

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Posted Jul 27, 2022 | Our World in Data

In this article by Our World in Data, Hannah Ritchie, Edouard Mathieu, et al explore highlights from the UN’s twenty-seventh publication of the ‘World Population Prospects’. How many people are there in the world; how many die each year, and how many babies are born, are among the questions needed to understand the world’s current situation and prospects. Since 1975 the world has been adding another billion people every 12 years. It passed seven billion in 2011, and, by the end of 2022, it will pass another one: with eight billion people in the world. An interactive chart reveals that most people now live in countries where fertility rates are at – or below – the ‘replacement level’ at which populations would stabilise or shrink over the long-term.


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