A Tactical Pause in Relations with the West: China plays on Hopes for Peace

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Jan 31, 2023 | OSW Centre for Eastern Studies

Beijing’s reduced communication with the West has been compounded by criticism from its Western partners of its attitude to Russian aggression against Ukraine, deepening authoritarian tendencies in China, the increasing concentration of power in the hands of Xi Jinping, and the ostentatious suspension of most channels of dialogue with Washington in response to the visit Nancy Pelosi paid to Taiwan. In his commentary for the OSW Centre for Eastern Studies, Michal Bogusz lays out Beijing’s adaptive position to changing local, Asia-continental, Ukrainian and international scenes. He suggests that the PRC’s priority will be to maintain its de facto alliance with Russia, as it not only secures the north-eastern border, helps preserve influence in Central Asia and ensures continued cooperation with the Global South, but also represents an ideological alliance of two autocracies against the West, and the concept of liberal democracy, which Beijing and Moscow see as an existential threat.



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